Aggregates for industrial use

Our aggregates are ideal and focused on the iron and steel and lime industries, which require high purity limestone with a calcium carbonate content of over 99%. Therefore, we improve their production performance, reduce their waste and improve their emissions.

Industrial uses

  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Rubber industry
  • Animal feed
  • The paper industry
  • Thermal power stations
  • The steel industry
  • The chemical industry
  • Soap and detergent industry
  • Preparation of paints
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
  • The metal industry
  • The food industry

Our aggregates are ideal for the different industrial sectors that require high purity limestone in calcium carbonate, as they have a content of over 99%. As a result, we improve your production performance, reduce your waste and improve your emissions.


All our products are certified by Bureau Veritas