HORMISA exports limestone aggregates from its quarries in the North of Spain to North of Europe for first time as part of an ambitious export’s initiative.

In a collaboration with Nordkalk Corporation our aggregates travelled through freight transport from Santander Port (Spain) to Vierow (Germany) to be used at a Sugar industry.

Our limestone is characterized by its extraordinary purity, ensuring a carbonate calcium content (CAO3) over 99% (on average > 99,6 %) being a raw material of special suitability in the metallurgical, lime and Sugar Industry, production of GCC and in construction, offering high quality properties. All aggregates meet the highest requirements of the European standards.

We provide our own Terminal at Raos-Santander Port (North of Spain) as an added value for the output of limestone aggregates from our three local quarries allowing us a high export capacity up to 1 million tons per year.

Thanks to the proximity to Santander Seaport (North of Spain) – only 11 km by road from one of our quarries, the quality of our product, the logistics operations and the production capacity, Hormisa is in a perfect situation to compete in the European Market.